Sideways Cycles

Independent Fabrication.

In 2001 we started talking to the guys from Independent – we’d seen a resurgence in the popularity of the quality steel hardtail and IF were regarded as the masters of their craft. The fact that the guys had just taken in a couple of refugees from a recently re-located titanium fabricator and were now making the finest titanium frames was just a bonus. At Interbike 2002 in Las Vegas the deal was done and a batch of frames was ordered. Independent Fabrication is a group of very talented individuals, all of whom have a say in how the co-operative works and this shows in the masterful creations that they continue to produce. A frame from IF isn’t just a bike frame, it’s a tailor made sculpture with a purpose.

All frames are totally custom built for the individual and that doesn’t just mean frame angles and tube lengths, we’re talking about tubing diameters, wall thickness and desired ride characteristics. Jesse, the frame designer and all round nice guy, is able to come up with the perfect frame for you, based on a few simple measurements and a whole lot of questions about what you want from your new bike.

Endless options are avaialable and an in house PPG certified paint shop, with talented painters give you the ability to dream up a unique paint scheme  - the only constraints are the size of your budget.

You name it, they can build it. Mountain, cross, road, touring even hucking – Independent Fabrication can realise the ride you’ve only ever dreamt of.