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ENO Freewheel

Every now and again, something comes along that totally blows the competition away. This is one of those products. Until the advent of the ENO freewheel, folks had to put up with low quality, poorly sealed freewheels that were more at home on excercycles than off road bikes. Doug hit on the idea of a super tough, sealed, rebuildable, dependable freewheel and he madeit. With 36 ratchet teeth and three pawls, a cartridge bearing and four seals the freewheel is precision made andcomes in16, 17, 18, 19, 20,21 and22 teeth. There's also a heavy duty case hardened six pawl version with 72 pick ups (18t only). We carry all spare parts in stock too.

16- 19t are 99.00

20-22t are 110.00

18t, 20,22t Trials are 110.00

Dos 16/19, 17/19 and 16/18 are 110.00

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Number of teeth